Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Life According to the GazettE, Round II

Describe yourself: 

How do you feel: 

Describe where you currently live: 

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: 

Your favorite form of transportation?: 

Your best friend: 

You and your best friends are: 
Silly God Disco

What's the weather like: 

Favorite time of day: 

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: 
People Error

What is life to you: 
Toguro (Coil)

Your relationship: 

Your fear: 
Mayakashi (Deception)

What is the best advice you have to give: 

Thought for the Day: 

How you would like to die: 

My soul's present condition: 
Shiroki Yūutsu (White Distress)

My motto: 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DmC Rant

So I’m writing this rant purely for the sake of ranting. It is not particularly well organised or written, and it is about something that about 98% of you that are friends with me won’t care about, if that little. So if you’re not interested in hearing my opinion about all the DmC hating, please feel free to scroll right on past.




Friday, June 8, 2012

White Guys

Okay, so. This post is mainly for David.


It’s not that I don’t find white guys attractive, but they are very few and far between for me. Actually thinking about it it’s the same for any human being, really. I’m straight but I’m pretty asexual and not very sexually attracted to really anyone. It takes a lot. But I’ve found I’m much more likely to find Asians (and perhaps some middle eastern men) attractive than white guys.

So here is a list of white men I find attractive (in no particular order), and I will probably update over time as I keep remembering people.


(Also what’s fun is to take note of how many are British/whatever and how many are American.)








Benedict Cumberbatch





Viggo Mortensen
(Preferably with facial hair, he looks fine in this picture to me)






Toby Turner





David Beckham





David Tennant





Chris Hemsworth
(Surprise, yes, because I didn’t think he was very attractive in Thor. However minus the long hair and wuuuuu. So. Short-hair Hemsworth is attractive.)





Christian Bale

Christian Bale







If you see or know anything in common with all of the above, please, let me know. I’m interested to know if I have a “type”.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Haiku 6/4/2012

Shunsetsu no hi
Sakubana ha kyou mo
This snowy spring day,
The blooming flowers are still
Lovely to behold.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Here I am almost at the end of what should hopefully be my last full semester.

I’m surviving, although it’s barely. I don’t think I have ever focused so much on classes in my life, and the stress is really wearing me out. My medical trip to California answered one question and didn’t help me figure out any of the others. But at least one question is answered.

Picture post.


First of all, my good friend Lisa went to OMEGA and was kind enough to get goods for me and send them. That was awhile ago, but I want to show off a couple of my favourites from the Blackmoral: January Insanity line.



You can all insult it as much as you want, I am inexplicably attached to it. It’s an accessory pouch, quite spacious and good for petting.


Awesome mug that I am afraid to use xD BUT I WILL USE IT. EVENTUALLY.


Dark Matter shirt, quite like Pink Floyd only not. I need to stick to my diet and exercise regimen so I don’t feel like a fatso in this.



That’s over, other things.


A couple of pictures from Japan quickly:


I don’t remember ever showing off my cornrows. They were nice and I liked them very much they were just so hard to maintain, especially with all that moving around. =w= But hopefully I will be able to work on doing the “fake” twist cornrows so I can put them in and take them out as needed.

(My nose is so gross aaaahhhhhh)


Opera ice cream! x3 And it was super yummy!



Back to America.


I don’t think I ever mentioned it but Santa Claus brought me a guitar strap (double row grommet, very similar to what Reita uses for his bass) and the newest Dream Theater album, which is their second-best in my opinion. It’s also the best album that came out in 2011 that I listened to… in my opinion lol. I think it’s worth a listen, especially for Jrock fans (since Dream Theater is one of the most influential bands over there, I’ve found). I’m happy to have the hard copy in my car to listen to whenever I please~


I wish I could be as comfortable as that looks. >>


I went with my friend one night over to her brother’s place and he had just adopted THIS ADORABLE DOG. His name is Kvoth and he is the sweetest gentlest dog I have ever met in my life. And he’s a big dog. But he’ll sit and speak and even do high-fives! And if he feels ignored he will howl a little bit. Awww~
I was glued to him. I just sat there and pet him and scratched him and he stayed pretty close to me all night. I miss having a dog and it was nice to have one that would let me cling all over him. Maybe I will have to kidnap him….. hmm…..


Dinner one night while I was in California. BBQ chicken salad and some sort of Wisconsin cheese chowder… or something. It was really good! x3


Dinner another night, Indian! I got chicken tikka masala and it was so amazing. Not as good as the curry in Iidabashi, but still very satisfying.


I was writing a tweet to Yō and this popped up.



Just a couple weeks ago, Matenrou Opera released their first full major album, “Justice”. I have been waiting for it since they announced it, and I was very happy when it came~

Since I preordered I got the limited press outer lacework case along with the clear mini-file, and ordering from CDJapan got me a signed portrait of the band. ( *`ω´) Sooooo happy!

Getting the first press also meant I got a photocard, and one was randomly picked from ten for each album. I wasn’t expecting to get one of Yō’s, but….


The album, for anyone who hasn’t listened to it, is amazing. These boys have really come so far in so little time, getting better and stronger with each release. It is really amazing.

If you are interested in my favourites from the album, I would say my top five are: New Cinema Paradise, Designer Baby, Justice, Imperial Riot, and 21mg. New Cinema Paradise is PERFECT. I really wish they had done a PV for that one because there are so many amazing things they could have done with it. But I’ll accept that there is not a PV… and just wish there was….. umu.




Interesting things that have happened at work:

For some reason we appear to have a file sent to us from the past.


I went in to Wikipedia one night to look up something about a show we were airing and these were the browser history results. Interessement…….



And me lately.

If you didn’t know, I recently got a new haircut and style. I have a patch of blonde on my right side now, and my fringe has been more precisely cut. My hair is not yet as long as I hoped it would be, but it is slowly getting there. I really love the new splash of colour and the more-layered style. It looks good up and down. :3


Finally, new sneakers.

You know you want them.







I guess this post is mostly just to say that I’m alive and still going, but it’s still very very difficult for me. Sometimes I have to work really hard to get myself to roll out of bed and go to life in the morning… today is one of those. I am exhausted, my body is aching and in pain, and I feel like giving up and crying.

But the end is in sight, so I need to keep going, and I will keep going. Just a bit longer, and then, hopefully, I can go home and back to a life in which I feel fulfilled and accomplished and appreciated. (God knows it’s not happening here.)


So perseverance… doing my very best to get through everything confidently.